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Jepson Prairie Organics - Compost Our products can be purchased at Jepson Prairie Organics. Customers must purchase a minimum of 5 yards. We do not load pickup trucks.

  • Soil blenders
  • Vineyards
  • Farms (including organic farms)
  • Orchards
  • Flower growers
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  • Nurseries
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Products available at Jepson Prairie Organics

FOUR COURSE COMPOST: Food for your soil. This nutrient-rich compost is made from a unique feedstock that includes food scraps and yard trimmings. It encourages leafy growth and succulence, increases microbial activity, promotes strong root systems, and improves soil structure. This is a favorite of vineyard managers and organic farmers. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has approved Four Course Compost for use in organic production. It is screened to about 3/8 inch and available in bulk.

SUPER ORGANIC COMPOST: Consists of OMRI Listed Four Course Compost, Rice Hulls Organic Sulfur, "Groganics" and Gypsum. Super Organic Compost introduces organic matter to improve soil structure and to provide a balanced blend of macro- and micronutrients. Super Organic Compost is ready to use as a soil conditioner, planting and potting mix in raised gardens and planting boxes. Nurseries rave about this special blend.

JPO TOPSOIL: This premium topsoil contains OMRI Listed Four Course Compost, Rice Hulls, Redwood Sawdust, Sandy Loam, and Gypsum. This mix is great for topsoil replacement, direct seeding, lawn care, soil repair, and raised garden beds.

Four Course® Compost - Food for Your Soil

Jepson Prairie Organics - Four Course CompostThe organic matter in Four Course® Compost helps improve soil structure and increase water retention. Our compost gets its nutritious composition from a unique feedstock that includes food scraps from the finest restaurants in San Francisco and Oakland. It is listed by the Organics Material Review Institute (OMRI) as appropriate for use on organic soils.

From large farms and vineyards to home gardens, Four Course® Compost is truly a growers' favorite and the right way to maintain life in soil.